With Nicki Minaj, Adam Levine, and Selena Gomez about to jump into the signature-fragrance game, we sniff out the scents and sensibilities of current pop perfumes

By EW Staff
Updated April 27, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Truth or Dare
Should smell like Kabbalah water, blond ambition, pulverized hydrangeas
Actually smells like SPF 30, gardenias from Eva Perón’s balcony, freshly Febrezed yoga pants

Reb’l Fleur
Should smell like Barbados, umbrellas, questionable boyfriends
Actually smells like Musk, marshmallow, cotton bathrobe

Should smell like Destiny, leotards, diamond-dust baby powder
Actually smells like St. Barts by proxy: yacht deck, orchid, lemon peel

Justin Bieber
Should smell like Cherry ChapStick, new Nikes, maple leaves, puberty
Actually smells like Grape Bubble Yum, jasmine, Selena Gomez’s shampoo

Taylor Swift
Should smell like Christmas trees, kittens, Grammys
Actually smells like Fruity Pebbles, Grandma’s homemade lingerie-drawer sachets

Jennifer Lopez
Love and Glamour
Should smell like Bronzer, backup dancer, the block
Actually smells like Fancy room-service fruit plate, with extra guava

Katy Perry
Should smell like Cotton candy, fireworks, no-fault divorce
Actually smells like Melted Skittles, vanilla extract, icing sugar

Britney Spears
Cosmic Radiance
Should smell like Red Bull, circus peanuts, platform flip-flops
Actually smells like Orange Julius, Glade PlugIn

Mariah Carey
Should smell like Butterflies, crème blush, nightly foot rubs from Nick Cannon
Actually smells like Meringue, amber, Boca Raton caftan