Out‘s list is out! The magazine just released its sixth annual power list of media mavens from entertainers to politicians that they deem the most powerful, and it is heavy with pop culture stars.

Making the list are talk-show titans Ellen Degeneres (#2) and Andy Cohen (#10), producing behemoth’s Ryan Murphy (#4), Scott Rudin (#13), and Alan Ball (#37), and clocking in at #40, Entertainment Weekly‘s own Managing Editor Jess Cagle. Sitting at the top of the list is Apple CEO Tim Cook, who memorably took over for the late Steve Jobs last year.

Interestingly, Neil Patrick Harris (#11) and Jane Lynch (#47) are the only actors to make an appearance. Also notable is Anderson Cooper’s position at #6 and Matt Drudge at #16, a curious move considering neither have publicly announced their sexuality.

Who else would you have liked to see make this list, PopWatchers? Where was the love for Chris Colfer? Rosie O’Donnell? Who else?

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