Your additions to our ''30 Greatest Artists Right Now,'' your suggestions for the casting of Finnick in the ''Hunger Games'' sequel, and more

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Updated April 27, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Thin Man

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Pop Goes the World
While your regular music section is informative, your Adele issue was like the music section on steroids — and I loved it! I am looking forward to building up my music library with some fresh talent.
Buck Lam
Tazewell, Tenn.

After reading ”The 30 Greatest Artists Right Now,” I had to wonder: Where were the ”artists” who are making the next Revolver, Pet Sounds, or Aftermath — the albums this generation (and the next) will be listening to in 40 years? I don’t see them on this list. Sure, Bruce Springsteen has done it, but who else on this list will? Coldplay or Adele? Maybe. Nicki Minaj or Carrie Underwood? Doubtful.
Rich Brown
Owasso, Okla.

Some Kind of Wonderful Director
I was impressed with Eric Stoltz‘s thoughtful approach to directing (Guest Column). A director like that sounds like any actor’s dream. I’d like to see what he could do with a film. Just don’t offer him a Back to the Future reboot or they may have to replace him partway through (cue drum hit).
Alex Thaler
Reisterstown, Md.

Strong Language
While Mark Harris made some valid points about the MPAA’s ratings system (News and Notes), much of the blame must fall on filmmakers who include questionable material, then seem offended when they get slapped with a rating they don’t like. If a film has a positive message for teen viewers (like Bully), why pepper it with expletives? Why not follow the win-win strategy used in the case of The King’s Speech: release an alternate PG-13 edit as well as the original uncut version, so audiences have a choice?
Cheryl Bunyan
Ukiah, Calif.

Paying Tribute
To my great surprise, Chris Evans wasn’t included in ”Who Should Play Finnick in the Hunger Games Sequel?” (What’s Hot on He came to mind when I read the books. I hope they cast someone who can play the part well (cocky and lovesick), not just a pretty/trendy face.
Rebecca Steele
Salt Lake City

My vote for Finnick is Chris Zylka — his chiseled face, blond hair, and penetrating eyes are exactly what I pictured for the character. Who can I petition to get him signed on?
Lindsay Brown
Des Moines

A Thin Man remake (Movies)? Color me excited! My pick for Nora is Debra Messing. She’s fantastic with comedy and bears a striking resemblance to Myrna Loy.
Ben Phillips
Ogden, Iowa

Readers’ Choice: Top Tunesmiths
As expected, our ”30 Greatest Artists Right Now” package ignited a vehement debate. (Sorry, folks, we had to draw the line somewhere…)

No such list is complete without Pink! From her high-energy live performances to her raw and powerful vocals, she is not only one of the top 30, she is leading the charge.
Sam Kuntz
Westlake, Ohio

Steve Earle came out with a Grammy-nominated album and a novel of the same name last year, and he’s on an extensive tour. And don’t get me started on his son Justin.
Lisa Hackett
Midland, Mich.

U2 continue to reinvent themselves, sell out stadiums, and accrue new fans. Perhaps Bono needs to let a nipple slip in order to make your next list.
Vincent J. Fitzgerald
Jersey City

Madonna just had her 42nd No. 1 dance hit, did the Super Bowl halftime show, and won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song. If that isn’t right now, I don’t know what is.
Regis D’Angiolini
Abington, Pa.

There’s a distinction between artists and performers. Just listen to Laura Marling’s beautiful melodies, and you get why she’s one of the best artists of her generation.
Jeffrey Antkowiak
South Bend, Ind.

Infectious pop like Katy Perry’s does stick in your head, but how can it overshadow the whimsical yet thoughtful strumming of Andrew Bird?
Tessa Solomon
Stroudsburg, Pa.

Episode Recaps

Due to a transcription error, we misquoted Anne Hathaway about her character in The Dark Knight Rises (#1203/1204). The actress actually said, ”Who is Selina Kyle? She’s someone who wants you to think you can answer that question.” (Some versions of the magazine had the correct quote.)

The Thin Man

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