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Her baby bump may be keeping her from drinking and partying, but it’s certainly not going to dampen the drama on Snooki’s new MTV spin-off series, Snooki & JWoww, which premieres this summer.

“We’re nut-jobs sober,” the Jersey Shore star told reporters at a pre-MTV Upfront event Thursday afternoon. “When we’re drunk, we’re actually normal people.” Pal Jwoww added: “When I’m drunk, I’m kind of calm.”

Snooki also confirmed that her fiance Jionni will be a major presence on the show and teased plenty of relationship-related drama.

As for her how pregnancy will affect the next season of Jersey Shore, which is slated to pick back up in Seaside, New Jersey…well, you can expect the former party girl to sit out the crazy nights at Karma.

“As of this point, I have no interest in going to a club or anything because my life is totally changing, and I’ve been going to the clubs since I was like 10, so I’m over it,” Snooki said. “Usually Jersey Shore you party and go crazy, because it’s summer, but this time around it’s just like, normal everyday life for me.”

Though the reality star isn’t expecting her roommates to give up fist-pumping into the wee hours of the night (“Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean everyone has to be with me.”), co-star Pauly D said her pregnancy will certainly impact how he treats her on the show.

“I’m definitely going to be a little more protective over her than I normally am,” said Pauly, who added he’s ready and willing to babysit. “We’re all going to take a part in this baby, I think. We’re all having it. It’s the first Jersey Shore baby, and she’s been with us since day one and we’ve seen everything she went through, and we see how happy she is now so we’re happy for her.”

But will viewers get to partake in the baby fun if the show gets picked up for a seventh season? Snooki says she’s not sure yet, but seemed to leave the door open.

“I mean, I go down to the Shore every summer anyway, so we’ll see,” she said.

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation CR: MTV
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