Each week, host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: One World.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Jeff, you just loooooooove to stir the pot, don’t you? I’m always a fan of this type of reward challenge where you force the contestants to needlessly criticize each other, because it always reveals exactly where people stand and ultimately forces someone to wake up and realize, “Hey, maybe these people don’t like me as much as I thought and aren’t planning to take me as far as I thought.” But admit it, you feel a bit evil after making them bash each other, don’t you?

JEFF PROBST: This challenge used to really bother me. I used to cringe asking some of these very personal questions. Oddly, it doesn’t bother me as much. I guess I’ve gotten used to it on some level. But everybody on the crew felt for Christina after this challenge, although I’m still not sure it hurt her as much as it hurt to hear it for her.

Put yourself in Kim’s situation and say you just won the reward challenge. Do you bring Troyzan with you, keeping him away from the others so he cannot sow the seeds of discontent, or do you not select him so he can’t recharge for the challenge with food? I would have taken him just to keep him within my sight and away from people that might flip. What about you?

Rewards are always tricky: Who do you take with you vs. who do you leave behind. My general philosophy is… don’t win a reward! Ah, just kidding. My approach would be to take the people who I am most loyal to and aligned with because they will be really upset with me if I don’t and without them I’m dead in the game. It’s risky either way. There is no clear cut approach that will always work. It’s why rewards are so important — they can really stir up the game.

Sometimes universal tribe dislike of a player does not really translate to viewers as to why that person is so loathed. Explain from what you saw out there why everyone has seemed so down on Christina all season long. She’s obviously not a big gamer, but seems like a nice enough person. What are we not seeing?

That’s a great question. All I can surmise from my interaction is that Christina was seen as a combination of bitchy and unaware. She had some rough early days with Alicia and she seemed prone to talking too much. Like you, I didn’t fully see it from my time with her but an entire tribe is probably a better indicator. You also have to factor in cultural differences in how we communicate with one another. I think that often gets lost on people. Certain cultures share a shorthand with one another and if you aren’t on the inside you can quickly be on the outside. Christina was clearly on the outside, which in the game of Survivor makes her a great person to take to the end.

We’re getting into the homestretch here. Tease us up for next week!

Walls will come down when tribe members share an emotional moment with their loved ones next week.

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