By April Daley
April 26, 2012 at 10:15 PM EDT
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The all-important board exams have been looming over the residents at Seattle Grace for weeks. Tonight, after last week’s high stress round of interviews, we’ll finally find out the results and the anxiety of D-day has one resident feeling a little off-balance: April Kepner (Sarah Drew).

“She’s really emotional throughout the whole episode,” Drew says. “She’s literally jumping out her skin so she punches a guy and then makes out with her best friend.”

Yup, that kiss between close friends, Kepner and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) is more than promo trickery. Kepner does lock lips with Avery on tonight’s episode and while Drew was mum about whether the frazzled resident finally does the deed, she did say that things won’t just go back to normal between the two afterwards.

“It’s very true to what would happen if people who are close friends made out,” Drew says. “It’s like, ‘Okay. We just did that, didn’t we? That’s weird. Who are we now and what does this mean?’ They’re trying to sort through how they feel about all of it.”

Figuring out where they stand is more than a one-episode journey. Expect the awkwardness and confusion between the two to play out right up until the finale.

“It’s still pretty uncertain even by the end what does any of this mean,“ Drew says.

And the smooch won’t be the only reason Kepner is having a hard time. Tonight, we’ll also discover some of the aspiring trauma surgeon’s back story.

“There’s also something big that’s revealed about April’s character that we don’t know about that we haven’t known about yet that also plays into all of this,” she said.

It looks like Kepner will have some support making it through the angst. I have a feeling she’ll need it. Find out who steps in to give her a pep talk in the clip below:

Sound off: What do you think about a possible Kepner/Avery romance? What are your theories on April’s big reveal?

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