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There are a lot of questions about the upcoming Total Recall remake.

Will Colin Farrell be able to fill the action-hero shoes of Arnold Schwarzenegger? How closely will the remake stick to the original Philip K. Dick story, and how much will it take from the 1990 movie version? Can Kate Beckinsale be as alluring (and duplicitous) as Sharon Stone?

Most of that can only be answered when the film finally debuts on Aug. 3, but footage previewed by Sony Pictures at CinemaCon tonight did answer the question about the original….

If you’ve clicked through to this part of the story, we’re guessing you won’t mind the spoiler.

Yes, just like in the Schwarzenegger movie (pictured here), Farrell’s soon-to-be-memory-challenged character will encounter a prostitute who bares her chest to tempt him with her mutant rack. “You seem like you’re looking for something,” the woman says, unclasping her blouse. “Is it this?”

She also repeats a variation on a famous line from the other film: “You’re gonna wish you had three hands.”

But really, all Quaid wants is directions to Rekall, the memory tourism place that will either implant the idea he is a secret agent … or perhaps unlock buried memories that he truly was one.

“Stairway to heaven,” the three-breasted woman tells him. “Over there.”

It’s not out yet, but bet on this scene turning up in a red-band trailer at some point.

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