Hart Of Dixie
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Poor George Tucker. He just learned his fiancée cheated on him with a friend. He’s not sure who to trust. And he’s generally on a downward spiral. So where can a good man blow off steam? New Orleans, of course!

Tonight’s episode of Hart of Dixie follows sweet old George (Scott Porter) to the Big Easy, where he flees to escape his shambles of a life. The result, says Porter, is a George unlike fans have ever seen.

“[So far] we’ve seen a very level-headed man — someone who is very intent on fixing things and making everyone’s lives easy and making sure that everyone is happy. And when George’s world comes crumbling down and he sees everyone knew about this secret, he feels like a fool,” says the Friday Night Lights alum. “I think at some point everyone in this world has to think of No. 1. If you don’t make yourself happy and if you’re not secure in all your relationships, it only leads to hurt and destruction.” That’s not to say George isn’t feeling a little hurt and destructive in tonight’s episode. But he’s able to channel all of that into a rather rousing musical performance, which you can check out in the video below. (And, yes, that is actually Porter, a longtime theater performer, singing on the show!)

Also along for the George Tucker Broken Heart Tour? Zoe Hart, naturally.

Despite having words in the previous episode, Porter says George sets things right with Zoe and ends up inviting her to New Orleans, where they share a pretty epic night. “George said something very hurtful to her in the prior episode, and he does see where he was wrong to judge her like that and to say what he said to her. To make her choose between friends is something no one should have to do and he sets out right away to remedy that. He keeps his anger focused on the two people it should be focused on — the two people who knew what they were doing was wrong and two people who did it any way and decided to keep it a secret from him,” he says. “As far as Zoe and George’s relationship, when he talks to her she’s a window into a parallel universe where his life is very different…. He’s been with Lemon so long that he’s never explored really any relationships outside of the destiny of Lemon Breeland and George Tucker being together. Zoe always teleports him to a place where none of that stuff exists, where this alternate reality could have happened.”

On this night, that alternate reality becomes more real than ever, with a few can’t-miss moments. “There’s nothing else but the two of them for a night. And [viewers get to see] what would happen if it was just the two of them. People are really going to see just how great thing could be for these two characters.”

But with a finale wedding in the works, one can assume George and Lemon try to make it work. Right? “Life has to try to correct itself,” says Porter. “These last four episodes, for George especially, it’s a whirlwind of emotions…. But he does try to fix things one last time, and we’ll see if it works out at the end of the season.”


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