By Tim Stack
Updated April 23, 2012 at 05:53 PM EDT
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Time is wrapping up for the McKinley high seniors on the Fox hit Glee. There’s only a handful of episodes left so fittingly tomorrow night’s episode, “Dance with Somebody,” spends a great deal of time on the core characters preparing for goodbye. The hour also acts as a loving tribute to the recently departed Whitney Houston and has the cast singing solely her hits. EW got its hands on the episode early and—SPOILER ALERT—here are some highlights…

  • The episode opens with the cover of “How Will I Know” that hit the Internet last week.
  • Kurt wears a hippopotamus man brooch.
  • The biggest drama comes from relationship strain between Kurt and Blaine, due to Kurt meeting a flirty gay named Chandler at the music store.
  • This leads to Blaine singing an angry “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” and then Kurt signing an emotional “I Have Nothing.”
  • Mr. Schue and Emma debate moving their wedding up to accommodate the graduating seniors.
  • Joe and Quinn begin to get much closer and Joe even goes to Sam for sex advice.
  • They sing a very romantic “Saving All My Love For You.”
  • Sam lifts weights.
  • Santana and Brittany do a high-energy “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.”
  • Meanwhile, Rachel and Santana perform “So Emotional” and then have a nice moment at their lockers reflecting on their rocky relationship.
  • Kurt and Burt have a really lovely moment where Burt reveals just how much he’ll miss his only son; prepare to get misty-eyed.
  • Without revealing too much, Burt isn’t the only one worried about the seniors moving on from McKinley; there’s a lot of empty nest feelings going around.
  • New Directions covers my fave Whitney Houston song “My Love is Your Love” that loyal Gleek fans will love; it also might draw tears… in a good way.

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