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On Sunday, Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns to TV in the new HBO comedy Veep (10 p.m. ET), starring as Selina Meyer, Vice President of the United States. Judging by the number of F-bombs dropped in the premiere — 27, according to our review — you know she and her staff are not entirely competent. What would be the fun in that? Meet the Veep and those who work for her in the short video introductions below. (Sadly, the White House liaison to the Veep, smug Jonah, played by Tim Simons, does not get his own reel.) Then, we’ll take it to the poll(s): Which character is your early favorite?

Selina Meyer, Vice President (Julia Louis-Dreyfus):

Amy Brookheimer, the Veep’s Chief of Staff (Anna Chlumsky):

Dan Egan, the Veep’s soon-to-be-named Deputy Director of Communications (Reid Scott):

Gary Walsh, the Veep’s body man (Tony Hale)

Mike McClintock, the Veep’s Director of Communications (Matt Walsh):

Sue Wilson, executive assistant to the Veep (Sufe Bradshaw):

Her chief of staff, Amy, played by My Girl‘s Chlumsky, gets my early vote. In the Dan Egan reel, you get a tease of what becomes her best scene in the premiere — when she explains to Selina what a “s—” Dan is. Dan is ambitious, and smart enough to be evil, so he could rival Amy for awesomeness. He’s the kind of sharp-tongued character that brings out the best in the dialogue written for those around him because everyone’s supposed to hate him.

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Selina Meyer and her staff try to take on the White House in this HBO sitcom.

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