By Sandra Gonzalez
April 20, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
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It’s late April, friends, and things are getting good, particularly on the shows featured in today’s Spoiler Room. But if you see a show you love that’s not represented, send an e-mail with your request to

I’ll sit here and wait for them to come in. (*Refresh*) In the meantime, can we quickly address this week’s main photo and how Nina Sharp and Bobby look oddly good next to each other. Crossover (in my crazy-a– dreams)!

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I love when shows don’t wait for the finale to throw you an emotionally weighty episode. And after watching the next new episode of Hart of Dixie, I can promise you it is exactly that.

I’ll have a full convo with Scott Porter about the episode on Monday, but I can tell you that we definitely see a whole different side of George in this episode, which starts up after the dramatic turn of events that resulted in George and Lemon’s falling out. We find George in denial about the pain in his life, and it sends him on a rebellious path. He’s riding motorcycles, ditching commitments, and…going to New Orleans! “It’s literally George going, ‘I’ve been focusing on everyone else. I’m going to focus on what I want.’ And when you see what George Tucker really wants out of his life, you’re going to be very surprised,” says Porter.

Among George’s wants? The company of Zoe Hart, of course! Despite having some harsh words in the last episode, the adorable doc heads to the Big Easy to accompany her hurting pal, and the result is an unforgettable evening. “I’ve said since the beginning that when he talks to Zoe she’s a window into a parallel universe where his life is much different,” he says. “It’s so easy with her to see himself in a different life and with a different path in life and he loves that about her, I think…so it’s interesting that she’s the first person he’s right with before going off on his journey.”

So whether you’re a fan of their friendship or in favor of a little more between the two, there’s plenty of great moments in this episode. And one moment in particular that will make jaws drop. But you’re not getting any more out of me…for now! Come back Monday for more inside dish!


Like most shows, Supernatural is coming toward the end of its season, but before it did, it gave viewers a huge treat with the ghostly return of Bobby (Jim Beaver), who kicked the bucket back in December. And now that he’s back, Bobby has a lot to deal with. (More on that in my full convo with Beaver, posting later today.) But in the larger scheme, there is one thing Bobby will definitely play a key part in: bringing down the Leviathan. “I don’t think there’s a lot of diversion from trying to solve the leviathan issue,” Beaver says of the last stretch of mythology-heavy episodes. “And of course Bobby’s ghost has a lot of interest in that particular resolution. He’s pretty intricately involved in it.”

But he has to tread lightly, says Beaver. In the past, viewers have been made privy to the rules about being a ghost — particularly, how you turn into an angry ghost. It’s those hostile spirits that usually cause the problems solved by the Winchesters, and Bobby will have to be mindful of learning the possible dangers of his new condition, says Beaver. “He knows as well as anybody about that, but Bobby is determined to be the one ghost who is not trapped by that. But it’s not an easy fight,” he says.

In all, the finale will deliver payoff, says Beaver. But it might not all unfold the way fans expect. “I know nothing ever turns out exactly how I think it’s going to turn out when I’m guessing what’s next. When I’m guessing what’s going to be in the next script I’m always surprised,” he says. “I imagine the audience will be too.”

Supernatural airs a new episode tonight.


I fully intend to protect the integrity of this first-rate mind-bending episode of Fringe that you’re going to see tonight. Episode 19 is always a highlight of the season, so I want to keep it as pure as possible. That said, if there’s any episode to have a little fun with, it’s this one. So let’s play the Spoiler Room version a game I call Mad (for Fringe) Libs.

1. In this episode, it’s the year 2036, and the world is under the control of the Observers. But when we meet guest star Georgina Haig, we learn she can [spoiler – verb], which is going to immediately raise some eyebrows.

2. In the future, [spoiler – noun] is now in pill form. Killjoy!

3. [Regular cast member] does not appear in the episode.

4. Actual exchange: “What is that? Monkey feces?” “No, that’s your [spoiler].”

5. Guest star [spoiler] makes a large sacrifice in order to [spoiler] [can’t] [elaborate].

Have some fun with those!

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NCIS was great this week, but like you, I noted the open-endedness of the case. Are we going to see more from this case before the end of the season? — Nicole

All I’ll say is that this is not the last time the Navy will feel the pressure of a direct threat before season’s end. In related news, here’s one return you can definitely count: Scott Wolf! He’ll appear in the season finale (airing May 15), reprising his role as the seriously disturbed Jonathan Cole.

Private Practice gutted me this week. What’s next for Charlotte, Mason and Cooper? — Beth

I couldn’t have said it better myself. And if you’re thinking about investing in Kleenex, now is the time, because it’s anything but over for this tragedy-stricken family. “Everybody deals with grief differently and you’re certainly going to see a nine-year-old boy deal with it different than people in their 30s and 40s,” KaDee Strickland told me. “We have a different skill set than this kid and we deal with it all the time at work. This is different. This is his mama. You’re going to see him act out. You’re going to see us process what it’s like to just be the three of us. I think you’re going to see relationships shift and grow around these circumstances because this is simply new territory.” It’s also worth noting that while we definitely expected Erica to pass away, the fact that it happened with several episodes left in the season (rather than, say, in the season finale) is itself a nod at the juicy drama that’s still in store for the trio. “I can say that we’re all going to be surprised by how it evolves,” she says.

Hey, Sandra. That little show Once Upon a Time loves toying with my emotions.  A three-week hiatus?  Now that’s just cruel.  However, that has meant I’ve been reading up on just about anything that has to do with the show to pass the time.  Bet you can’t spoil something I don’t already know. — Shannon

Well, if you already know about the planned returns in the finale for Aussie Belle Emilie de Ravin, hipster sheriff Jamie Dornan and Mad man Sebastian Stan, what I can tell you is that writer Jane Espenson, who I chatted with yesterday, is more than confident that we’ll be blown away. In fact, the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer producer says that even with her long list of credits, “this finale is one of the biggest I’ve ever been a part of.” “If you’ve ever said, ‘Gee, I wish they would…’ you’ll see it,” she teases.

It has been all but confirmed that Bart is really alive on Gossip Girl. Can you please confirm it? –@wrightst3

I can do no such thing, love! Buuuuuuut, I will relay what executive producer Josh Safran told me about the matter. “Bart has been on the show since his death — as a ghost, in flashbacks. There are also alternate realities,” he says. “I’m not going to say anymore than that but it is not beyond us to have Bart back on the show for an episode.”

Hey @EWSandraG! Just got into Fairly Legal, how about some scoop on Kate and Justin. [I] love their chemistry and their back and forth! — @whyfores

Wait, so you’re not pro-Ben?! I don’t know if we can talk anymore…Kidding! But I will say that an upcoming episode finds both our guys going toe-to-toe on a case involving a, um, colorful character who dresses up in costume. That’s a chemistry I think you’re really going to enjoy. But I really have to wonder how their relationship and Justin’s relationship with Kate will change after what transpires at the end of episode 8…

Anything good on the Secret Circle finale? While I hate to see this show go on hiatus, I’m smelling a big cliffhanger… — Emma

Then that’s a good nose you have! Because Gale Harold told me that’s exactly what’s in store. But it sounds like it has more layers than a Super Bowl dip. “It’s not a straightforward cliffhanger,” he says. “It’s loaded with confusion. It’s loaded with overlaps. Everything is getting twisted inside of itself. These people are getting drawn outside of the physical realm of reality [in terms of their magic] and at the same time, they have to deal with each other every day [as normal people]. So I think that’s going to be the nature of the finale.” Also, Emma, what, pray tell, does a cliffhanger smell like exactly? Wait, nevermind. I probably don’t want to know.

Revenge finale. Go. — Amber

Fight. Win. And if there’s anything worth cheering for, it’s how good this finale is. “There was a lot of oohing and ahhing in the table read,” says Nick Wechsler. “And we know that they’re doing something right with this thing, man. They hook you. And [the finale] has to hook you for another season while also wrapping some stuff up and they do both things quite nicely.” And if you think you have an idea of where it’s all headed, think again says Gabriel Mann. “I have to genuinely say that by the end I did not anticipate anything that they have now set up that is coming. So kudos and bravo to our writers and the team.”

I can honestly say I’m pretty stumped as to where HIMYM is headed. My head says Barney’s happy with Quinn and we’re headed somewhere with that. But my heart says that she’s not the one. And then Robin and Ted aren’t talking, which is making me sad. HELP SORT MY MIND, SANDRA — Natasha

Well, here’s a little assurance to help calm you a bit. And if this doesn’t work, may I suggest a cup of Earl Grey. “We will stay friends,” Cobie Smulders tells EW of Ted and Robin’s current spat, which we saw take a step in a healing direction this past week. “I think we will work things out by the finale. At least most of the weirdness and not talking will fix itself.” Meanwhile, Smulders also talked up the job the HIMYM team did on this year’s season finale, which she says is “a very perfect way to end it.” “All your questions will be answered.” (More scoop here, in case you missed it!)

All this Community drama behind the scenes is, honestly, bumming me out. Scoop to make me feel better? — Louise

Alison Brie isn’t bummed, so you shouldn’t be either! In fact, when asked at the premiere of The Five Year Engagement whether Chevy Chase will be returning, she replied simply, “I hope so.” The sentiment seemed to be echoed during an NBC press day earlier this week, when Joel McHale told the crowd that he anticipated a return for Chase should the show return for another season. In sum: I think everything will be cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

I’m digging Grimm, but I haven’t read much about the finale. Care to help? — Ben

There are at least two big cliffhangers that I will be elaborating on soon.

LOVED LOVED LOVED Alicia Silverstone on Suburgatory. Scoop me! — A.J.

She and George are moving fast, in part due to unforeseen circumstances that arise in the May 2 episode. How fast, you ask? George and Tessa might be getting a new roommate…

Scandal! — Lena

Dear Lord. If you thought last night’s twist was big, just wait until you see the end of next week’s episode, when this Amanda Taylor business gets even more serious than it currently is. I’ll say this: There’s a fine line between threat and action.

I am loving Best Friends Forever, despite its ridiculous title. Any scoop? Thanks! — @mgsoci

There’s one scene in the next new episode that finds two people caught with their pants down — literally, Lennon finds herself at the center of a cruel past time, and Rav kicks a little ass.

And in case you missed it, the latest Spoiler Room Video Edition, featuring a sneak peek from tonight’s Nikita!