Jennie Garth
Credit: CMT

Tonight, CMT premieres the new reality show Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country (9 p.m. ET), in which the recently separated former Beverly Hills, 90210 star moves her three daughters with Peter Facinelli onto a farm two hours outside of Los Angeles. “I grew up in rural Illinois, so it was sort of like returning to my roots. I just felt like I needed to go back to where I came from. I wanted my girls to experience that sort of childhood,” Garth tells EW. “I think it’s a fun little show, and it’s got a great heart. I hope that people see my intention behind making it. It’s certainly not a platform for me to be more famous. It’s just something that felt right and we did it.”

The real costar of the show is Garth’s assistant, Corinne (pictured, right), who knows little about life in the country. In the premiere, Garth buys a cow and calf to complete her farm, and Corinne bets her that you have to suck on an udder to get the milk started. The loser of said bet, Corinne, has to suck on an udder anyway. “I like her because she’s game for anything,” Garth says. “She makes me laugh, and I need that right now in my life. I torture her repeatedly. That’s the thing about me: I like to laugh at other people. We go paintballing, and I pelt her with bullets and give her welts. I punch her in the face because she takes me boxing. There’s a lot of Corinne torture throughout the season. I never feel mean doing it, because she really loves doing it.”

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