By Sara Vilkomerson
Updated April 20, 2012 at 09:28 PM EDT
Max Nash/Getty Images

The Tribeca Film Festival may have only just begun, but Emily Blunt is already emerging as one of the brightest stars of the downtown fest. She co-stars with Jason Segel in Five Year Engagement, which opened the festival on Wednesday night (complete with glitzy, celebrity-dappled party at the Museum of Modern Art). And she’s also in (EW office favorite) Your Sister’s Sister, directed by Lynn Shelton (Humpday) and co-starring Mark Duplass and Rosemarie DeWitt (in theaters June 15).

“It’s lovely,” Blunt says of her big Tribeca splash. “But I just worry that it’s nauseating. Like…her again?” She needn’t worry, as Your Sister’s Sister‘s Dewitt and Shelton quickly reassured her when EW sat down with them to discuss their film. (Much, much more on that conversation later).

Blunt says of her time on Five Year Engagement; “I was surrounded by the funniest people in the world. It’s very funny, it’s bawdy and there’s a hint of the grotesque but it’s got a lot of heart.” She credits her friendship with co-star Jason Segel–which predates them working together— for their on-screen chemistry in the film. “I think that natural warmth and rapport does make it to the screen,” she says.

Next up? Training and Tom Cruise as she prepares for her role in All You Need is Kill , which she says will begin production in the fall after she undergoes intensive training to, “Get all grrrr,” she growls, doing her best Hulk impression. “I’m actually quite nervous about the training. I’m supposed to be playing one of the best soldiers in the world. Ha. Ha. I think my life is going to miserable for about 10 weeks. But I’m very excited.”

The film, which is based on the graphic novel , will be directed by Doug Liman. “He’s got some very cool ideas,” she says. Other details will have to wait, but she did have this to say about Tom Cruise. “He’s rad. I like him so much. He’s really fun and really funny.” Plus, she says, “He really has the best skin ever.”

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