Secret Circle
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Every episode of The Secret Circle seems to deliver more twists and turns than the last. And the last new episode is no exception. Fans learned that if the Circle tracked down the six crystals, they could rid themselves of those problematic witch hunters. Where do we go from here? Well, co-star Gale Harold isn’t dropping any secrets, but he’s definitely excited for fans to find out.

“It’s sort of like a mad dash to the end of the season,” he says of tonight’s episode. “In terms of what could happen, it depends on who gets their hands on what, who can assemble the crystals and who is going to have those under their control.”

Cassie’s (Britt Robertson) recently returned father John Blackwell is the biggest wild card in the large scheme, Harold says, because “he’s hunting for something that’s underneath everything and if he can get it, that’s going to wreak havoc. There’s no way around that.” And the lengths to which he will go to achieve his goal are not to be underestimated, Harold adds. “He’s got to do it — and he will do it — in a way that leads [Cassie] to trust him.”

Charles (Harold), however is anything but trusting of Blackwell, especially after everything he and Dawn went experienced years ago. “They’ve been trying for years to get over that and now that he’s back, it couldn’t be a worst time. They’re dealing with their children — the next generation — and what this circle means and how they can use it as a way to survive. But, also, they’re trying to stay away from the seduction of power,” he says. “Then, Blackwell comes back into it and all bets are off. Everything that was planned or considered to be on the table has changed. So for Charles, it’s a panic attack.”

In all, says Harold, the last few episodes of the drama’s first season will find Charles more aggressive than ever. “It’s do or die. You have to do something and if you don’t you’re going to get run over,” he says. “Up to this point, Charles has been kind of lurking on the fringe. He hasn’t really been able to address any of this because he can’t. He had to keep everything hidden. When Blackwell comes back in, all those routes are closed off. There’s nothing else he can do. He has to either destroy him, destroy himself or destroy everyone else.”

And you can bet there will be a cliffhanger come season’s end. And while The Secret Circle has not been picked up for a second season, many signs point toward a return. Harold won’t predict either way, however. “I don’t know. That’s kind of a trap — to be confident about the unknown,” he says. “But that’s also kinda what the show’s all about.”


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