Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC

Scandal‘s uptick in ratings last week was hopefully an indication of the viewer’s increased interest in Olivia Pope and Associates. I say that in a completely self-serving manner — because I need someone to talk to about this, especially after last night’s big reveal…

Amanda Tanner is pregnant.

In case you’ve forgotten the story so far: As of last week, Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Co. were still going forward with their plan to support Amanda, the White House aide we met in the first episode who slept with the President (Tony Goldwyn). Tonight, we learned that all Amanda wanted was to see the President face-to-face, confront him. Then she’d drop the issue. Simple enough, right? Wrong.

Something else is in play here. Rather, someone else. The President’s right-hand man, Cyrus (Jeff Perry), received a package that contained a tape of the president having sex with Amanda. Besides the fact that whomever recorded the tape is a big ole pervert, they’re also a powerful pervert. Immediately, Cyrus believed they were being set up. Olivia had already approached him about Amanda’s seemingly small request and they had agreed to move forward in exchange for Amanda’s continued silence. But upon receiving the tape — and wrongly assuming it was from Olivia — Cyrus called off the meeting and told the President that he was being blackmailed. The problem? It’s not Olivia. And it’s not Amanda either.

So, who’s this powerful person? We’re not sure yet. What we are sure of? Amanda is with child. She dropped the bomb on Olivia (and us!) at the end of the episode. And boy does it change things.

Is it really the President’s baby? Will the President learn this info? How will he react? How will crazy Cyrus react? Time will tell. In the meantime, you tell me , PopWatchers: What did you think of the twist? And are you, too, hooked on Scandal?


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