By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated April 18, 2012 at 11:30 PM EDT
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It’s been nearly two decades since Cher and Elton crossed paths at a trendy high school in Beverly Hills in Clueless. A lot has changed since then for the stars of the cult teen comedy, who reunite on tonight’s episode of Suburgatory. And the context of those changes still shock even Alicia Silverstone.

“When I first watched Suburgatory, I was so excited for him and proud of him and thought, ‘Wow, he’s just a whole different guy,'” Silverstone says. “I mean, we did a movie called Hideaway (1995). He played a psycho-killer and I was Jeff Goldblum’s daughter. And then we did Clueless and [Elton] was snotty and hip and thought he was all that. It was so fun to see him as a dad — a grown dad with so much love and warmth and charm.”

Silverstone begins her own four-episode arc on the freshman comedy tonight, playing Eden, a new love interest for single dad George (Sisto) who has a “unique career.” The pair meet at a Farmer’s Market and quickly hit it off — much to the displeasure of young Tessa (Janey Levy), who throughout the season has been known to get in the middle of her dad’s romantic life. “Eden attempts to build a relationship with Tessa in the course of the four episodes and I think Tessa reacts in all sorts of ways. Sometimes she’s not into me at all and other times she is. It depends on her mood,” Silverstone previews.

Her arrival also causes some jealousy to arise from George’s other on- and off-again love interest Dallas (Cheryl Hines), though, Eden and Dallas, surprisingly, never cross paths. Her scenes, Silverstone says, primarily involved longtime friend Sisto, and she has no complaints about that. “We loved working together. It’s been almost two decades — but, he said somewhere that it’s been seven years, and we all know that’s not true,” she says with a laugh.



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