By Sandra Gonzalez
April 18, 2012 at 08:49 PM EDT

Surviving a Revenge hiatus may have been difficult, but it’s nothing compared to the struggles we’re about to see our lovably evil Hampton-ites go through.

When the show returns tonight, Daniel’s in prison, which sends those around him into a tizzy as they look for ways to protect him from the dangers that now lurk around him — and we’re not talking about Hepatitis C. And the lengths that fiance Emily (Emily VanCamp) and mom Victoria (Madeline Stowe) are willing to go to ensure his safety are sure to shock. “It’s everything that [fans] have loved watching this season, plus more. A lot more,” he told EW during a chat yesterday. (See the video below.)

Meanwhile, Jack (Nick Wechsler) continues to search for Amanda, who is no where to be seen. But her absence — in conjunction with Daniel’s incarceration — could lead to some much-anticipated Jack-Emily bonding time, teased Mann. “I think it will be helpful that Daniel is busy in jail and the courtroom, in terms of the Team Jack of it all.”

But the real action going down won’t have anything to do with the main triangle, Mann added. “There’s some real steamy love coming with the addition of James Purefoy — previously of the TV series Rome — who has been kind enough to join us in the Hamptons,” he said of the guest star’s role as a love interest for Victoria.

For more from our chat, press play below. (Also, my new life goal? Crash a Revenge cast Boggle party.)


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