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Chances are, you’re not even reading this right now, since you saw the words “Magic Mike trailer” in the headline, and have already skipped on down to the first look at Channing Tatum’s male stripper movie. But if you do have the will power to read these words, a quick heads up: The trailer focuses less on the lubricious performances of the all-male revue, and more on, like, the story. (Yes, there is a story! Yes, I’m as surprised as you are!) It turns out that Tatum’s title character is struggling to break out of stripping so he can start a business making custom furniture. “So you must be really good with your hands,” observes his love interest (Cody Horn), who’s also the sister of the newest recruit (Alex Pettyfer). Honey, it seems to me he’s good with pretty much everything.

I’m shameless. Check out the trailer below:

Actually, Channing, I’m confident that I absolutely do want to know what you have to do for $20s.

Magic Mike hits theaters June 29.

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Magic Mike
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