If you’re a Clint Eastwood fan who is hoping to catch more than just an occasional glimpse of the director/actor on his wife’s new E! show, you’re out of luck: Mrs. Eastwood & Company is not about the J. Edgar helmer.

Talking to reporters on Wednesday in Pasadena, Calif., Eastwood’s wife Dina said that while her husband of 16 years will appear in some episodes of the new unscripted show that bows May 20, the focus is on her life as a mom and her work with a South African band named Overtone — not her marriage to a Hollywood star.

“If you are tuning in because you are an Eastwood lover, you might be disappointed,” said Dina Eastwood, who was joined on the panel with the band as well as her stepdaughter Francesca, 19, and daughter Morgan, 15. “It’s about the rest of the family, the band and their music. I gotta lay it out there.

“We never cut corners when we are referencing Clint,” Dina Eastwood continued. “We reference my husband as the head of the family. We very freely talk about him and what we think his position will be on something. Hollywood marriage wise, we are pretty boring. He has volunteered to be in a couple of episodes that will hopefully show people what kind of relationship we do have.”

The Eastwood gals did have a few tidbits to share with the press about the big man, however. Dina Eastwood said, “He’s the love bug, I’m the sergeant,” while his daughters described him as the calmest person ever — though friends often ask if he’s like his character on Gran Torino. (Answer: Heck no!)

The show chronicles Dina Eastwood’s life as the manager (or “momager” as she describes herself) and her family life at home in Carmel, Calif., where the a cappella group has lived. As for her husband’s opinion of the show, Dina Eastwood said she got a thumbs up. “We have a great relationship. It doesn’t involve a lot of control. He knew what he was getting when he signed up with me. The guy’s quiet, he makes movies. I worked in TV and I’m loud. He just respects the fact that I could do something with this amazing band. They are my six adopted sons. Throwing these two [her stepdaughter and daughter] into the show makes it fun.”

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