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“Lucy’s alive. Deal with it,” Virginia told Jimmy at the top of tonight’s Raising Hope finale. And boy did they.

After last week’s episode revealed that Hope’s serial killer mom, Lucy, was miraculously alive after being electrocuted as part of her death sentence, this week found the family fighting the suddenly-living psycho for custody of the little blonde bundle formerly known as Princess Beyonce. And as you might guess, by the end of the highly entertaining and downright fun season ender that aired tonight, Hope was back in the arms of her rightful guardians. But not before a lot of twists, turns, and a death!

In court, the Chance family went face-to-face with the reality of their situation (and the sub-reality we’ve all come to love): They’re often not the most careful or moral bunch. People from their life — all of whom we’ve met over the course of the last two seasons — came back for this episode to vouch for the family. Well, some of them tried, anyway. The rest aired the dirty truths about the family. Burt’s one-time kidnapper talked about trying to make a mends but then being assaulted by the TV. The little kid Jimmy hated for flirting with Sabrina took the stand to make him look like a bully. And Jaime Pressly returned to angrily rant about Virginia’s nosy ways.

In the end, there was enough evidence against the Chances to sway the jury and get Hope handed over to her crazy mom. (Anyone else get surprisingly teary when “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” kicked in?) And Jimmy — being the stand-up guy he is — decided to accompany his wife (yes, he and Lucy were still married) to Tibet in order to be with Hope.

But before the credits rolled, all hell broke loose. Lucy tried to kill Sabrina, but before she could get ten steps in her direction, she was hit by Smokey Floyd’s (Jason Lee) bus!

So, R.I.P. (with Ed Begley Jr.), Lucy. Yay, Hope. And yay, Fox, for giving a third season to this heart-tugging comedy. The second season finale sure felt like a series finale in many ways — everything tied up nicely. But it’s nice to see that the network felt like Raising Hope, unlike Lucy, still has some breath in it yet.

What did you think of the season finale, PopWatchers? Will you miss Raising Hope while it’s on hiatus? Until next season, fancy pepper to you all!


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