By Mandi Bierly
April 17, 2012 at 03:50 PM EDT
Alan Markfield

As passionate entertainment fans, we are not always the most patient of people. Your friends have accepted that you like everyone to show up a half hour early for a film even if you’ve ordered tickets in advance. But less endearing, perhaps, is your penchant for needing to a see a film on opening weekend. Let me give you a hypothetical: Let’s say your friend Tamara told you she wanted to see The Lucky One with you. Fantastic. You’d expected to have to go alone because it’s not your birthday, which is the only time your old college friends tend to acquiesce and see whatever you want to see. As it turns out, two more friends in that circle, we’ll call them Sheila and Robb, also want to see the movie. (This is when you remember they also went with you to see Nights in Rodanthe, and you yelled at Robb because he texted during the film. Hypothetically.) A week before the movie’s release, Tamara sends you a reminder that you have to go see the movie, and when you respond asking whether she wants to organize a mimosa brunch and The Lucky One on Saturday or Sunday, she says she can’t go this weekend. [Record scratch.] Now, what do you do? Poll below. And yes, you can pretend the movie in question is not The Lucky One.

Truthfully, my friends know me well enough to tell me it’s okay if I “can’t wait” for them, so Tamara is cool if I go without her. But now, I have to email Robb and Sheila to see if they’re free this weekend, and if they’re not, I’ll have to live with the reality that I was so eager to see The Lucky One, I chose to go alone instead of wait for three friends.

Your turn. How do you handle this type of situation? And if you employ the “go, then see it a second time but pretend it’s the first time” technique, how did that work out for you? Have you managed to keep the secret for years, or did you eventually get busted?

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