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Primatologist, conservation advocate, and all-around role model Dr. Jane Goodall stopped by The Daily Show last night to talk about her latest project: Chimpanzee, an adorable new documentary from Disneynature. Though the 78-year-old ape expert didn’t work on the film, she’s acting as its spokesperson — her duties apparently include giving late night talk show hosts a “proper chimpanzee greeting,” complete with goofy ape noises. We’re not complaining!

Goodall explains that the film, which follows an orphaned chimp named Oscar, found its plot by accident; a film crew had been shooting on the Ivory Coast for a year before their main character’s mother was tragically killed by a leopard. (“It was luck!” joked Jon Stewart.) After losing his mother, Oscar was “adopted” by Freddy, the male leader of his troop. According to Goodall, “it brings tears to your eyes” to see the tender way Freddy treats his young ward.

Well, provided excessive cuteness makes you weepy. The Chimpanzee footage that accompanied Goodall’s appearance is almost unbearably adorable — who even needs a plot when you can watch chimps bumble around to the sounds of bouncy jazz for 78 minutes? Check out the interview below, then mark your calendar: the doc premieres on Earth Day, April 20. Plus, if you see it in its first week, a portion of your ticket price will be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute. That’s monkey business we can get behind.

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"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere
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