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Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“Did Gavin borrow the canoe from Pocahontas in “Just Around the Riverbend?”” —Colleen

“Carrie Ann brought it.” —Fridgedancer, endorsed by SpeechTeacher89, LAG Award Winner, WiltedYouth

“I almost didn’t recognize Princess Sparkle. Looked like the wig Viola Davis wore to a couple of awards shows a few months ago. I like the look on her.” —orville1970, endorsed by zoot, Hunter Junkie, Hez, Colleen

“Ack! Sparkly Sistah has lost her crown!!! I’m so confused…..” —Paul

“Maria almost knocked Donald in the head with her feather hat monstrosity.” —DonnaW

“Kym’s Leg o’ Fringe made her resemble one of the Fiery creatures from the movie Labyrinth.” —Annclairebarn

“First time gem hunter here. So, I hope this qualifies as one. I would have to say that during Kym and Jaleel’s samba, I thought when they were kind of bent over and swinging their arms back and forth reminded me of the moves that Ronald (Patrick Dempsy) learned from African Cultural Hour in Can’t Buy Me Love. I think the dance was called African Anteater Ritual.” —sportytxn, endorsed by Hospitable Fringe Fairy

“Melissa Gilbert has sparkly gems on her neck brace! Now that is commitment!” —Liz, endorsed by orville1970, DonnaW, chattypatra, jmm, duranmom, Katie, Colleen, WiltedYouth, Kevin M. Kawa, Jem H

“I picture an operating room where instead of calling out, “Scalpel!” the doctors call for ‘Bedazzler, STAT!’ —SpeechTeacher89

NEXT PAGE: Big Bird-geron?

“The elderly man Melissa handed her fruit basket to was adorable! When everyone was lined up at the beginning of the show, he wasn’t quite able to clap to the beat. After receiving the basket, he had no problem clapping to the beat and looked peppier. Maybe he helped himself to some magic Planet Mirroballus fruit?” —pancake, endorsed by daphne99, Amy in KC, MLM

“Maks looks like Ross on Friends from the episode where he didn’t turn around in the spray tan booth and got the whole spray on his front because he was counting ‘Mississippili’.” —Liz, endorsed by SpeechTeacher89, Amy in KC, DonnaW, Hez, orville1970, duranmom

“I’m sure Maks would say no, because Ross was never ‘sex on a stick’.” —chattypatra

“Waiting for the judges’ comments, Maksim got a feather from Melissa’s costume in his mouth. Loved the look on his face!” —Anthony, endorsed by MLM

“Tom was totally embracing the Latin week spirit with Maria’s feathered headdress… even if it meant having her standing behind him.” —WiltedYouth, endorsed by duranmom

“Ah–a glimpse of the Castle crew! They didn’t look impressed.” —orville1970, endorsed by Mya

NEXT PAGE: Ross Gem-lar continues to dominate the bejeweled virtual kingdom

“Does Mark have gems on his black and white shoes in rehearsal?” —Colleen, endorsed by Fridgedancer, Amy in PIttsburgh, Patrycja, MegJYay

“Katherine, facing the judges, with one piece of glitter on the tip of her nose.” —Kevin M. Kawa

“That audience member who popped up in the corner of my TV during Tom’s intro for Karina and Gavin must have been high on glitter! Pretty gutsy, but being on the Planet makes you throw your inhibitions to the wind!” —Traci M in the ATL, endorsed by Enthusiastic Fringe Fairy

“Gavin’s outfit reminds me of Bernie’s from Weekend at Bernie’s minus the wind jacket.” —Liz

“Haha! Love it! *imagines Maks and Val carrying around a lifeless Gavin*” —gigi, endorsed by Fridgedancer

“Andy Warhol behind Tom after William and Cheryl ran off for Brookebot Mountain!!” —Liz

“Rick Fox’s teeth are so white…all you could see was his smile when Tom was speaking & Cheryl & William were going upstairs” —Jaybes, endorsed by orville1970, daphne99

“Having a flashback of when Ross Gellar dated the girl with the black light apartment on Friends.” —gigi

“Chelsie making an ‘Ew, that sucks’ face behind Brooke as William explained his injury.” —Ellen

NEXT PAGE: Kevin, you are such a disease that we had to make a costume out of you

“Lisa Rinna next to Bruno by the judge’s table” —Colleen

“All I will ever be able to think about now when I see her is ‘Depends’.” —chattypatra

“Poor Kevin. Skinned alive to make Chelsie’s dress. apparently Disney characters aren’t even safe on ABC.” —kellen, endorsed by Jenn

“Put a bird on it!” —Bvonly, endorsed by Fringe Fairy, Carrie, Fred, Mayor Agent Cooper

“During Roshon’s dance there were two toucans in the jungle background who looked like they were talking to each other (Thanks to my Mom for this one! She was quite excited to call me about it. Guess that’s what happens when you out yourself as a gem hunter.)” —MLM

“No texting in the ballroom, Eddie Winslow/Malcolm Winters. What is his real name?” (Darius McCrary.) —gigi, endorsed by daphne99, Fridgedancer, Amy in PIttsburgh, Karikata, Lorie, LAG Award Winner (who was unhappy he did not tuck in his dress shirt while standing), Anthony, ellen, Jem H

“Ace of Hearts in Peta’s hat!” –Amy in KC

“Rico Suave/Donald with his hand in his pocket during some portions of the tango. Awesome.” —Amy in PIttsburgh, endorsed by SpeechTeacher89

“Tristan-related gem of the week: During the credits, just before the camera switched, he gave his best ‘jubilant leprechaun’ expression I’ve seen yet! Amazing.” —WiltedYouth, endorsed by AnthonyNEXT PAGE: Glaringly obvious gems!


“Um, I think ‘Little Derek’ just made an appearance…” —Amy in KC, endorsed by duranmom, Amy in KC, chattypatra, Kevin M. Kawa, Jem H

“Why is there a giant ‘G’ on Maria’s bubble wrap costume in rehearsal? Is Derek trying to send us a subliminal message to make it a hidden gem?” —Liz, endorsed by Colleen

“Greek contingent by proxy…Lainie Kazan (the mama in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) sitting next to Flo-Hen!” —Amy in PIttsburgh, endorsed by Mya, FringeFried

“Martina next to Florence! Doing her best Arsenio Hall ‘whoop whoop’ arm gesture…but failing. :)” —Amy in PIttsburgh, endorsed by Amy in KC, DonnaW, Colleen, MLM. (Not the same screengrab but the whoop whoop kept turning out blurry. It was that much of a failure!)

“Am I the only one who thinks Karina looks sorta like Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame?” —Dance_fan1123, endorsed by Liz, Colleen, gigi, Bvonly

“I think Brooke’s dress was made from the skin of the rare rhinestone cobra.” —DonnaW

“Roshon better hope there’s not a crime committed in his rehearsal room since he left a HUGE handprint on the mirror that even Castle could find!!” —LAG Award Winner

“Peeta’s lipstick on Donald’s nose after the dance” –Karikata

“Jaleel copping a feel of Kym’s butt after their dance & her quickly moving his hand away. That was creepy. Jaleel, let’s leave the butt grabbing scenes to Maks & Tom, okay?” —Jem H, endorsed by Amy in KC, ADC, daphne99’s half-watching husband, Amy in PIttsburgh, chattypatra, Caryn c, Cocacare, Cubbieblue, Nancy Abrams, Kevin M. Kawa, Jude232

“Did we all get a nice view of Anna’s hot pink hot pants? No?!? Well, don’t worry if you missed it the first time, she’ll flash us again… and again…” —SpeechTeacher89, endorsed by Karikata, chicachico

“The Ross Gellar theme continues with Louis’ ‘faded salmon’ shirt…” —Amy in KC


“When Tom came out of commercial (just before William and Cheryl, I believe), the judges desk and the pillars behind it looked like a Mirrorballus Cat with green eyes and sparkly whiskers.” —Paul

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous heap of gems!

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