Someone better start polishing the Emmys: Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman will share the screen in HBO’s new film Hemingway & Gellhorn, about legendary writer Ernest Hemingway and his journalist wife Martha Gellhorn (as the cryptic title would suggest). Kidman plays the lady war correspondent, who famously reported on the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930’s with Hemingway, who she once described as a “large dirty man in disgustingly soiled clothes.”

It appears from the trailer that Kidman is the narrative focal point here, but her chemistry with Owen is palpable, even in a two-minute serving. Watch the trailer below:

It’s a Hemingway-heavy time at the movies, it seems, with Corey Stoll having given an impressive interpretation of the larger-than-life writer in last year’s Midnight in Paris, and at least three other films this year featuring a fictionalized Hemingway (including Anthony Hopkins in the similarly-ampersanded Hemingway & Fuentes). Kidman-Owen’s made-for-TV juggernaut airs on HBO on May 28.

What’s your first take on the trailer, readers? How do you think Clive Owen’s interpretation of Hemingway will compare to others in recent memory?

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