By Darren Franich
Updated April 17, 2012 at 03:15 PM EDT

A new clip for May’s hotly anticipated The Avengers — or, as it’s known in Finland, The Most Exquisite Spin-Off Accumulation Organization: Accumulators, Accumulate! — has just hit the internet. The meat of the video is a 52-second sneak peek of Iron Man and Thor having an old-fashioned Godzilla/Rodan battle in a forest. (Presumably, Captain America shows up after the clip to calm things down. Cap is such a Mothra.)

As a lifelong Avengers fan, I have to point out that clip is predicated on a curious ongoing fallacy: The notion that a mere mortal could somehow fight Thor for more than a couple seconds. Like, you know how sometimes, in old Avengers comics, the team would have training sessions? Hawkeye would shoot his arrows, and Scarlet Witch would cast her magical mutant powers of plot contrivance, and Wonder Man would punch something while his eyes shined red? I like to imagine that Thor would occasionally walk into the training sessions, cheekily proclaim, “Hey guys, guess what: I’m a god!” and then cause a hurricane to destroy the Eastern Seaboard. Watch the clip below, or check it out in HD at iTunes.

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