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Alec Baldwin has been on the brink of leaving 30 Rock since basically the beginning of 30 Rock. Playing Jack Donaghy revitalized Baldwin’s career — and helped to define the resurrection-through-self-deprecation second-act playbook of our modern reboot era. But the actor has regularly expressed an interest in leaving the show — usually in the winter, which either proves that he enjoys negotiations with NBC or that he suffers from a nasty case of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Most recently, Baldwin had tweeted “I think I’m leaving NBC just in time” in the context of a rant about the Today show, which had sent cameras to his apartment. However, Baldwin now tells the Associated Press that “time” is relative: He’s sticking with 30 Rock through next season.

In the context of denying his own departure, though, Baldwin managed to hint at a much more all-encompassing departure: He said that 30 Rock‘s upcoming seventh season will also be its last. Fingers crossed this is just a bit of Donaghy-esque brinksmanship, and that many years from now, Alec Baldwin will kickstart negotiations for 30 Rock‘s 20th season by indicating his plans to remove the whole concept of “Thursday” from the calendar.

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