April 16, 2012 at 02:14 PM EDT

Mmm… closure. Matt Groening revealed last week that Springfield, Oregon partially inspired the town that The Simpsons call home. Scores of fans took this to mean that Homer, Marge, and their brood actually live in the Southern Willamette Valley — and many were disappointed that Groening had taken a step toward solving one of the show’s biggest ongoing mysteries.

But last night, a new Simpsons episode confirmed that Springfield really isn’t in the Beaver State. Though the show’s opening title card had a bit of fun with Groening’s reveal, its chalkboard gag shed new — and decisive — light on Springfield’s location. Here’s what Bart Simpson himself has to say about the matter:

Annette Brown/The CW

There you have it: Springfield, Ore. is, conclusively, nothing more than the city that inspired Groening to invent a purely fictional town called Springfield in a nonexistent state. Now let’s all stop debating and go back to watching the antics of our favorite Northern Kentucky family.

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