By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated April 16, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBS

Tonight’s How I Met Your Mother didn’t pack an emotional punch quite like last week. Instead, I felt like this week had a collection smaller poignant moments that will propel us forward into the last batch of new episodes. (Three, to be exact. Tear.)

First and foremost, it was nice to see Robin back on top. After a tough season where she has dealt with some heavy issues (the latest — having to reject Ted’s romantic advance), she needed a time to shine. She got that tonight.

You see, after going up in a helicopter to do the traffic report for World Wide News, her pilot had a heart attack and she had to land the chopper on her own, becoming a hero of sorts. (The pilot lived!) I didn’t think the moment was the biggest or the buzziest of the episode (that honor goes to Ted wearing a lovely green spring frock, pictured above) but it was most certainly my favorite. Not only did I see Robin’s act of bravery as her metaphorically taking control of her life, but it also opened the door to a nice moment between her and Ted. (After the ordeal, he texted to say he was glad she was okay.) It was a small gesture, I know. But when someone is hurt by a friend (intentionally or, as in this case, unintentionally) it takes an important moment to start mending your relationship. This moment, I hope, will get these two kids talking again. Because they obviously still care. And this scene was a nice reminder of that.

Elsewhere, Lily had a dirty dream about someone who ISN’T Marshall, and Barney revealed that he’s not okay with Quinn stripping. Barney, we always saw right through your ruse!

Comment and tell us your favorite moment or line from tonight’s episode, PopWatchers, lest you turn vermillion in shame for your lack of participation!

(I think we need to start a campaign to get “inception” added into the dictionary as a verb. Agree?)


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