Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Bridesmaids and Alice in Wonderland star Matt Lucas has signed on to costar in the dark erotic thriller Therese.

Set in 17th century France, director Charlie Stratton’s adaptation of the Emile Zola novel and play Thérèse Raquin follows the title character (Elizabeth Olsen), who is stuck in a loveless marriage with her sickly first cousin (Harry Potter‘s Tom Felton). The union was arranged under the watchful eye of her oppressive aunt, Madame Raquin (Jessica Lange). When Therese enters an affair with her husband’s friend Laurent (Drive‘s Oscar Isaac), it plunges everyone’s lives into a tragic downward spiral, and the illicit couple conspire to kill Therese’s husband.

Lucas will play Olivier, a policeman who, along with his inspector father, regularly calls upon the Raquin family. The film begins production in mid-May.

Lucas’ first major dramatic role, the gonzo ensemble drama Small Apartments, premiered last month at SXSW. He’s also set to play the drag queen Divine in Michael Winterbottom’s The King of Soho, about famed London strip-club entrepreneur Paul Raymond (Steve Coogan).

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