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When Josh Brolin hosted SNL in 2008, he presided over an unusually memorable show — though the episode’s highlights had little to do with the W star himself. Brolin’s initial outing coincided with cameos from Oliver Stone, Alec Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg — say hi to your mother for me, Mark! — and, most importantly, the real Sarah Palin. The ep also featured an enormously pregnant Amy Poehler performing a “Weekend Update” rap that lampooned Alaska’s former governor — an instantly classic moment that might be the funniest thing Poehler ever did on the show. I know, I know — the bar is high. But how can anything compete with “Shoot a mutha humpin’ moose eight days of the week!”?

So, will Brolin’s second hosting gig be as notable as his first? Well, since the Oscar nominee is promoting Men in Black 3, there’s a good chance that we’ll see a few alien-themed sketches — a Coneheads reboot, maybe? — and, possibly, an impromptu visit from Will Smith. Brolin’s Fred Armisen-assisted promos are also appealingly goofy and absurd. If the episode follows suit, we’re in for something that’ll be closer in tone to “Almost Pizza” than Gilly. (Please, SNL writers, if you’re reading: No. More. Gilly. Sorry.) It’s a good day for silly sketches that aren’t necessarily topical; barring Santorum’s exit from the presidential race and possibly Facebook buying Instagram, this week has been fairly light on big news.

Brolin will be joined by Gotye, an Australian singer-songwriter who’s having a major moment. It’s a given that we’ll be treated to a performance of the musician’s biggest hit, “Somebody That I Used to Know” — and maybe Gotye’s second tune will prove to be an equally catchy earworm. If nothing else, audiences should walk away from tonight’s show knowing how to pronounce the guy’s stage name. For the record: It’s go-tea-yay, like Lady Gaga’s BFF.

What’s on your SNL wish list tonight, PopWatchers? Think Brolin might break out his George W. Bush impersonation one more time? Are you ready to say goodbye to Rick Santorum, via Andy Samberg? Should Stefon get acquainted with some of the scum of the universe? Will Kate McKinnon continue to make an impression? Are you hoping for a “Fall Foliage” repeat? And if so… why? Please show your work.

Share your thoughts on the episode here, then check back on Sunday for a full recap.

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