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On last night’s Up All Night season finale, Chris (Will Arnett) finally got to purpose to Reagan (Christina Applegate), who eight years ago, interrupted his plans to pop the question at a bar while “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was playing by drunkenly dropping to her knee and asking him to marry her.

When he found her wedding ring, which she still hadn’t had sized down from her pregnancy, in the soap dish, he took the opportunity to recreate the moment. Only Reagan thought she’d lost her ring for good, had another one made, and was going to surprise him with a second proposal of her own. Series creator Emily Spivey told EW she cried every time Arnett and Applegate rehearsed the scene and from every angle they filmed it. Did it get you misty? Watch it below.

I started to get misty when it became clear Chris had planned a bar sing-along, and then took the solo. The tears in Will Arnett’s eyes made what could have been a cheesy moment real and heartfelt. I didn’t have the single tear trickling down my cheek, but I had a huge grin on my face.

Bonus video, the funniest scene of the night: Lonely Ava (Maya Rudolph) convincing Chris to stay and fix her humidifier so she wouldn’t have to watch her dog die during the night, then Chris waking up and walking in on a naked Ava. With this and Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, it’s been a good week for pixelation!

After seeing how much Ava still misses Kevin (Jason Lee), Chris had Kevin come back from Idaho to see her. Kevin was prepared to propose, but they realized they weren’t ready for marriage — just makeup sex. If the show gets a second season, we should expect to see more of Kevin: Spivey told us the show would focus more on Chris and Reagan’s and Ava’s home lives in season 2.

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