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Nancy Meyers, director of popular films about women of a certain age in white turtlenecks, is currently attached to two new projects, Deadline reports. The first is The Chelsea, an ensemble movie set in Manhattan’s Chelsea Apartments. Like Crazy actress Felicity Jones is attached to star.

The other project is The Intern, a comedy for Paramount that will star Tina Fey as the founder of an online company that hires a senior citizen as an intern. There’s no word who will play the septuagenarian hire, but it’s safe to assume it will be a big name. Meyers worked with Fey’s 30 Rock costar Alec Baldwin on her last film, It’s Complicated, and she will direct from her own script. This shouldn’t be confused with The Internship, the recently announced comedy that will reunite Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and will probably be more Coors Light than chardonnay.

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