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EASY TO 'LOVE' The musical wordsmith employs his breezy nuances to his latest album

Love Is a Four Letter Word

Once merely a funny-hat-wearing antidote to John Mayer’s Serious Rock Guy poses, Mraz has accrued a major fan base thanks to hits like ”I’m Yours” and ”I Won’t Give Up.” Many of the hacky-sacking grooves on his fourth album settle for snoozy gentility. But he tiptoes the line on Love Is a Four Letter Word between hammock-strung wisdom and twee naïveté with such goofball charisma that otherwise forgettable love-each-other-doodles like ”Everything Is Sound” become sweetly breezy anthems. B

Best Tracks:
Sly, jazzy 5/6
Colorful Frank D. Fixer

Love Is a Four Letter Word
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