Rodrigo Cortés’ Buried stuck Ryan Reynolds in a coffin for an hour and a half — it was still less claustrophobic than his Green Lantern tights — and it was good for some schlocky thrills. The director’s follow-up, Red Lights, appears to have the same thing going for it. In the trailer below, Cillian Murphy plays a professional skeptic who travels the world disproving phony psychics and charlatan clairvoyants. He works with Sigourney Weaver (who seems to have forgotten she was once taken over by a spirit herself a couple decades ago) and they both must face off against their rival, a man who may or may not really have powers, played by Robert De Niro in sunglasses.

People who saw the film at Sundance warn that the film may come with an incomprehensible ending. With all those cryptic cuts and Lynchian red lightbulbs, I can believe it.

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