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Updated April 12, 2012 at 09:05 PM EDT
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Tonight, NBC’s Up All Night airs its season finale (9:30 p.m. ET), appropriately titled “Proposals” because there will be more than one of them. When Reagan (Christina Applegate) loses her heirloom engagement ring, husband Chris (Will Arnett) seizes the opportunity to give her the proposal he wasn’t able to the first time around. And Kevin (guest star Jason Lee) returns and tries to win back Ava (Maya Rudolph) — with the help of Julian (Chris Diamantopoulos). “Julian’s fully on the scene, making love happen,” creator Emily Spivey tells EW. “He’s like a crazy-ass cupid.” Here are a few more teases from Spivey:

• “There’s gonna be some solo singing.” And not by Ava. It’s Chris, who performs an ’80s song that Spivey refused to give away.

• Expect to cry. “There’s a scene with Christina and Will that I just felt like they acted their balls off,” Spivey says. “It was just so beautiful that I cried every time they rehearsed it, from every angle we shot it. I cried every time. I just think it’s really special.”

• Ava’s dog returns. “I will say Ava and her dog are wearing matching Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses during one of the proposals,” Spivey offers.

Happy Days‘ Marion Ross, pictured with Arnett, guests as Chris’ grandmother. “She’s a pill. She loves Ava, but she hates Reagan,” Spivey says.

Up All Night hasn’t yet been renewed by NBC for a second season. “Send good vibes. Watch however you want to watch [the finale], but it’d be really fun for you to watch at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday,” she says. “I feel like the fans are really passionate and loyal, and I really, really appreciate that.”

Looking ahead to season 2, Spivey says the show would likely focus less on the office and more on the characters’ home lives — not just Reagan’s, but also Ava’s. “As we got to know these characters, it just seemed like them at home was ending up being more fun,” Spivey says. Ava crawling into the dog bed was one of the funniest scenes all season, we tell her. “Ohmygod. That dog’s name is Maude in real life, and that dog is obsessed with Maya. They make out. ” Don’t expect to see the issue of Luke (Steven Pasquale) having a crush on Reagan to raise its head again. “We love Steven Pasquale so much. We just wanted to address that once with them. We thought it was a fun idea for a couple to discuss, ‘Hey, we’re still kinda cute, and people are gonna have crushes on us, so what are the ground rules for that kind of thing?’ I don’t think there’s gonna be any torrid affairs,” she says. The biggest question for season 2: Will the show keep the same babies playing Amy? “That’s what we’re kinda discussing right now because we love those babies so much, and they’re such good little actors. We’d had jokingly talked about launching an Emmy campaign for those babies,” Spivey says. “But we also know that if we bumped up the age a little bit, it sort of opens things up storywise. We’ll see.”

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