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It looks like Chinese schools don’t teach the adage “Look, but don’t touch”: Nude scenes of Kate Winslet posing for a drawing in Titanic 3D have been banned in Chinese theaters for fear that moviegoers will reach out with their hands in attempts to touch certain body parts prominently displayed onscreen, according to Chinese website Offbeat China.

An official of China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), the organization behind the censorship, issued the following statement:

In other words, Chinese citizens, keep your hands to yourselves.

The site also reported that one fan astutely observed that the 3-D censorship “shows exactly how many steps forward we’ve made in terms of technology and how many steps backward we’ve made in terms of freedom,” which makes an interesting point. Equally as shrewd were the words of another fan who complained, “I waited 15 years to see 3-D boobs, not 3-D iceberg.”

PopWatchers, what do you think of China’s regulations? Do you feel for those nude-less Chinese citizens?

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