The final Twilight film will be hitting theaters in November and I know what you guys are thinking: “How will EW possibly survive without a Stephenie Meyer property to write about?” It’s sweet of you to worry, but you needn’t — the movie version of The Host, Meyer’s only novel not about bedazzled bloodsuckers, isn’t coming out for another year. So there’s still time! The film’s first poster, featuring star Saoirse Ronan with some sort of severe corneal damage, has just hit the web – check it out below.

Even if you didn’t know anything about the source material, you should immediately know this is a sci-fi film from the title’s logo, which uses the same bluish backlit look as invasion shows like The 4400 That Were Taken to Falling Skies. The solar eclipse in Ronan’s peeper is straight from the imagery on the book cover, and while trying to glean a plot from the novel’s Wikipedia page is bit like trying to follow a 4-year-old telling you how his day went, I’m guessing it probably represents the alien that has taken up residence in her mind. Unsurprisingly, Meyer has her protagonist torn between two competing loves, only this time one of them is claiming squatter’s rights in her brain. Between this and Twilight, I think I may have figured out Stephenie Meyer’s favorite song of all time.

The Host
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