Sabrina Hart
Credit: Len Heckel/ABC

’90s purists, get out your pitchforks: Sabrina the Teenage Witch is the latest Bush I/Clinton-era pop culture figure to get an “edgy” reboot. What’s next, a reworking of Teen Angel that stars Josh Hutcherson as a buff, moody cherub? (Wait, who am I kidding — I’d totally watch that.)

The good news: At least Michael Bay has nothing to do with it. According to a Deadline report, this new Sabrina will be a magical superhero who spends the movie “coming to terms with her remarkable powers.” The tone of the reboot, which will be produced by the team behind Real Steel, is reportedly “edgier” than the old TGIF series — and certainly cooler than the 1960s Archie Comics where Sabrina made her debut.

The item doesn’t mention Sabrina’s kooky aunts Hilda and Zelda — but it does reveal that Salem, Sabrina’s wise-cracking cat, will now be a transformed prince who also serves as Sabrina’s love interest. So… no Harvey, then? Cue Nick Bakay’s trademark whimper.

Maybe I’m being too cynical here, PopWatchers. After all, almost every superhero tale features a male lead; it’ll certainly be refreshing to see a young girl at the center of an action film. But if writers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari wanted to write a movie about a kickass superhuman witch, why couldn’t they just come up with an original character? Altering key aspects of the Sabrina mythology — as silly as that mythology is — is just going to enrage fans. Plus, the teenagers in Sabrina 2.0‘s target audience don’t have any connection to the character — so they won’t be more likely to see the film just because it’s based on a witch with a recognizable name.

Does news of the Sabrina reboot make you want to retreat into the Other Realm? Or are you excited to see a new take on this character — who, admittedly, is much older than the star of that classic ABC sitcom?

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