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At the end of last week’s episode of ABC’s Missing (Thursdays, 8 p.m. ET), viewers found out that Sean Bean’s Paul, husband to fellow former CIA agent Becca (Ashley Judd), didn’t die in a car bombing 10 years ago. Becca was going to meet the man who supposedly killed him and could now lead her to their kidnapped son, Michael (Nick Eversman), but when she arrived, the man’s throat had been slit. Becca chased the presumed killer — it was Paul. She later learned Paul had been tailing Michael in Europe before he was abducted: Was he trying to protect Michael, or is he the one keeping his son captive? Here’s what Bean had to say.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We’ll now be seeing Paul both in flashback and in present day?

SEAN BEAN: He’s around for quite awhile now, I’m glad to say. You’ll see me in flashbacks to times when we were happy and carefree, in a sense, juxtaposed with present day scenes. But because of the nature of our jobs, there were things that went on that couldn’t be spoken about, and that ultimately creates distrust. And that’s something he’s trying to get back from Becca, her trust. So it’s a rocky kind of reconciliation in order to find the child.

So we will see him work with her to find Michael?

Yeah. There’s no other option, really. Even though Paul’s quite open to that, Becca has her reservations because it’s been 10 years. Where’s he been? What’s he been doing? Why is he back? So she’s quite weary and not as enthusiastic about working with me as I am about working with her. But she understands that ultimately we’ve got to stick together, even if we don’t trust each other, to get our child back.

We’ve established that Giancarlo (Adriano Giannini) still has feelings for Becca. Is there love-triangle tension on the horizon?

There is. Because so many things happened, and she had a relationship with Giancarlo, and I’ve obviously not been celibate for 10 years… [Laughs]

Are we gonna see that in flashbacks? Because I would like to.

Right. [Laughs] No. No. Obviously it doesn’t sit well with Paul, this kind of relationship she’s got with Giancarlo. I suppose that’s a big conflict for her. I can’t barge in after 10 years and just start telling everyone what to do. I’ve got to understand that she’s been alone, she needed people… but he still loves her.

Right now, Becca’s former CIA mentor (Keith Carradine) has her believing Paul was a traitor and involved with rogue ex-KGB and Stasi operatives before his death.

Because of the nature of his job, he has to make decisions and compromises that might seem a little unsavory and untrustworthy. But his goal… Oh, how can I say it. [Laughs] His goal is to make sure his child and wife are safe and secure. But in order to do that, he’s become involved with things that maybe he shouldn’t have been involved with. So he’s carrying around this burden of guilt to some extent, and he has to redeem himself. But he’s put things in place for the ultimate good.

One of my favorite things about Missing is seeing Becca do hand-to-hand combat with bad guys. I’m kinda hoping that she distrusts Paul enough to go Mr. and Mrs. Smith on him before they reconcile. Are we building toward a great fight scene between the two?

Yeah. Well, I don’t think she’s very happy to see me. [Laughs] There are a lot of emotions running through her head, and it’s a quite explosive scene when we do see each other because of all the time and resentment.

And in general, Paul will have some action scenes, I presume.

Yeah, there’s some good scenes coming up. He’s very capable of getting what he wants from people. That’s part of his training. There are certainly some action scenes coming up where he throws his weight around. [Laughs]

What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done for the show?

I suppose pretending I’ve dived into the sea from about a thousand feet. [Laughs]

So you didn’t do that stunt yourself in last week’s episode?

What do you think? [Laughs] At least I’m a good swimmer.

Watch last week’s big reveal:

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