Titanic is a fantastic technical achievement, a moving love story, and a surprisingly durable cultural force — even though a ton of people claim to hate it. That being said, I think we can all agree that James Cameron’s masterpiece could stand to be just a little more awesome.

For example: What if instead of wading through chest-deep, ice-cold water, Jack and Rose had to flee from Imperial Stormtroopers? And wouldn’t a giant Kraken be a better villain than an immobile iceberg? (Icebergs don’t even have tentacles!) Oh, and what about lens flares and explosions? Like, a ton of lens flares and explosions?

Enter “Titanic Super 3-D,” a fake trailer for yet another vision of 1998’s Best Picture winner — only this time, the film’s been enhanced by box-office pros George Lucas, J.J. Abrams, and Michael Bay. Though the hypothetical experience borrows a bit from the very real, very ridiculous Titanic 4DX, the video’s best moments come when it pokes fun at those three filmmakers. (All the Bay portion is missing is a puffy-lipped lingerie model.) Check out the trailer below, then confess: You’d totally see this movie, wouldn’t you?

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