By Breia Brissey
April 11, 2012 at 04:30 AM EDT
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Oh, ABC. You’re such a tease! You finally brought back Cougar Town only to shelve it again for Dancing With the Stars. One of the show’s creators, Kevin Biegel, joked today on Twitter that at this rate season 3 would last until Christmas. “Christmas 2015.” If Cougar Town can manage to survive that long, I’ll gladly pound some grape. But otherwise, let’s try to keep to a regular schedule, ABC.

But enough of that. In last night’s “You Can Still Change Your Mind,” Grayson began his adventures in parenthood by babyproofing the house for Jill Tampa. The babyproofing provided a safe environment for Jill Tampa, but Jules couldn’t seem to outsmart the cabinetry. And thus, the trash sink was born.

Meanwhile, Travis offered up his photography services for Jules’ wedding. Unfortunately, he happens to be a pretty terrible photographer with an even worse philosophy: “The theme of my work is taking the beauty out of beauty.” So what? Travis takes pictures of severed toes. It wasn’t like he was requesting to play the bagpipes or anything. But Jules’ decided to support her son, and she hired him for the job. As it turned out, he wasn’t as bad as she originally thought. Problem solved.

But do you know whose relationship was problem free? Bobby and Angie’s. At least it was until Bobby caught her making out with another dude on the plaza. She said that she and Bobby never decided to be exclusive, and Bobby was able to get over that. But in the end, the two had to call it quits because Bobby was looking for a relationship that would turn into something real. Aww. I think Mr. Cobb is growing up!

The Throwaway Story Line of the Night Award (an award I made up two seconds ago) goes to Ellie and Laurie for their adventures with the Simon. It wasn’t much for plot development, but it had me dying with laughter. (But maybe that’s just because I also have a blind spot for those things.) All of Ellie’s mockery was worth it because the two ladies shared a nice bonding moment at the end.

NEXT: The night’s best moments and lines! 

++ “You’re not crazy about the ditzy, trashy, fake blonde, fake tan, fake boob, club skank you one-night-standed to make that baby.” —Ellie

++ The title card: “Seriously, we spend more time coming up with these title cards than we do writing the show.”

++ “These idiots are a six-pack short of running away together.” —Ellie, on Andy and Bobby’s bromance

++ Laurie: “Luckily, I can control my gag reflex. Nothing?”

Ellie: “I don’t swing at softballs.”

++ “It was like looking into an open wound. Especially the photo of the open wound.” —Jules, on Travis’ photography

++ The time capsule drawer, full of items from the ’90s

++ Jules: “You know, Fleetwood Mac married Stevie Nicks.”

Ellie: “I don’t think so.”

Jules: “Well it’s true.”

++ “What is this? It looks like a smoke detector from a disco.” —Laurie, about the Simon

++ “Oh, come on! You’re not even going to let me see it? That’s the best part!” —Lord Nose Strip to Lady Belly Chain after she removed his pore strip

++ The origins of the nickname Jelly Bean: “When Jules first hired you, I thought you were so simple-minded she could convince you that jelly beans were more valuable than gold, and subsequently pay you in jelly beans.”

++ “It’s not your fault. When you were a fetus, your mom existed on funnel cakes and motorcycle fumes. Consider it a victory you don’t have a tail.” —Ellie

++ “Did he have a beard? Or a huge beard?” —Bobby

++ “I can’t do math. I can do basic math, like, if the Nanny breaks a glass that’s minus $7 from her paycheck.” —Ellie

++ “Sometimes when I’m stressed out, I like to punch sharks.” —Travis

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you think Andy has been underused in the last few episodes? Do you have a blind spot for Simons, too? Or perhaps luggage carousels make you feel dumb? Sound off in the comments, or I’ll probably have to punch a shark.

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