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Don’t let anybody tell you the city of Austin, Texas, doesn’t have a sense of humor. Not only will the city erect an eight-foot-tall bronze statue in tribute to the country icon (who grew up in nearby Abbott), but they will also salute the other thing that Nelson is known for by unveiling the monument at 4:20 PM on April 20.

“For many, the Willie they connect with is the Outlaw Willie of the Seventies, or the influential advocate for Farm Aid in the Eighties, while others — especially a younger generation — grew fond of him during his more mature years,” sculptor Clete Shields said in a statement. “The sculpture needed to appeal to a broad audience and conjure up the fond memories of so many different people.”

Nelson himself will be on hand at the event. It’s not clear which version of Nelson will be immortalized in bronze, though here’s hoping it’ll be from the stoned Pocahontas era. Like his friend and former collaborator Snoop Dogg, Nelson’s interests have expanded over the past few years: Not only does he still record new music (he’ll have a track on the upcoming album supporting Occupy Wall Street), but he also has his own brand of whiskey. Of course, his main focus nowadays is the legalization of marijuana, expanded research into biofuels, and covering Coldplay songs to sell you burritos.

You know what else rules? Nelson’s cover of “Time After Time.” So well played, Austin. The Nelson statue will make a nice companion to the city’s stately tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan.


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