Stephen King
Credit: Joe Kohen/Getty Images

Murderous clowns who can jump between dimensions is one of my deepest fears. Now Stephen King will add another fear to the list: “amusement park serial killers.”

According to a Sunday Times profile by Neil Gaiman, King is working on a novel called Joyland, which sounds sounds like it’ll be a return to the pure horror genre.

Always a bit morbid, King has also thought about what would happen to Joyland in the event of his death:

“If I got hit by a taxi cab, like Margaret Mitchell… Joyland wouldn’t be done but [my son] Joe could finish it, in a breeze. His style is almost indistinguishable from mine. His ideas are better than mine. Being around Joe is like being next to a Catherine Wheel throwing off sparks, all these ideas.”

Dr. Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, won’t be hitting shelves until 2013, and who knows when we’ll see Joyland — but are you looking forward to seeing King get back to his bloody roots?

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