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April 10, 2012 at 10:17 PM EDT

Last we saw on Ringer, Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) was a little down — literally. She was passed out on the floor after being drugged by Catherine, who recapper Tim Stack has fittingly dubbed the First Lady of Crazytown.

And this week, don’t look for Catherine to go easy on poor, incapacitated Bridget, says Ioan Gruffudd, who plays Bridget/Siobhan’s husband, Andrew. “I think it’d be pretty hard for Catherine to be redeemed [after all of her bad deeds],” the actor told EW during a recent sit-down. “Unless she gets away with what she’s done, I can’t imagine her being redeemed. But she might very well get away with what she did tonight.”

Coy as Gruffudd was about what happens in tonight’s episode, he was slightly more forthcoming about the April 17 season finale, which, he says, finds many of the show’s burning questions answered.

“I think the audience will be shocked with what we do and what we reveal, but they won’t necessarily be surprised,” he says. “The stuff that we answer that people would normally take maybe a couple of seasons to answer, like the big overlying questions that we set up in the first episode. Those are going to be revealed come the finale, so it’s pretty intense.”

And while the fate of the show is not yet known (networks typically announce which shows will return for another season at their annual Upfronts in May), Gruffudd is confident there will be plenty to mine even after so many answers are revealed. “There’s one element that hasn’t been answered which will be enough to segue into next season, but a lot of the questions are, ‘Well, where do we go now?'” he says. “[But] I’m very optimistic. I’m seeing myself doing a second season. I haven’t even thought twice about it.”

Ultimately, he says, should the final episode of the season have to function as a series finale, fans will not be disappointed with the mind-bending ride they’ve taken. “There are a couple of things that are unanswered but nothing in a sense that you feel betrayed,” he teases. “There are a few avenues that I’d like to explore more, but with what we have revealed, it might be difficult to go down that avenue.”


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