By Laura Hertzfeld
April 10, 2012 at 10:00 PM EDT
Adam Rose/FOX

Gleeks, rejoice! The wait is over, and the hottest person on TV, Matt Bomer (no bias here) of White Collar fame, is guest starring on the new episode tonight. I’ve literally played the Bomer/Darren Criss cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” about a hundred times this week and it’s so good that I can’t wait to finally find out what purpose it actually has in the context of the storyline. We do have some intel –Bomer will play Cooper, Blaine’s older brother, who is a celebrity in Lima after starring in a credit-rating commercial. The brothers don’t get along, and it seems that sparks will fly after Cooper teaches an acting “master class” to the New Directions.

But how will this new plotline work in with the midseason cliffhanger we were left with back in February? While regionals have come and gone (with much fanfare), there still are many open questions as the New Directions near graduation: How has Karofsky’s suicide attempt affected the gang? Where do Finn and Rachel’s wedding plans stand? What does life after McKinley mean for each of them?

It’s all back tonight, but below check out that Gotye cover again. And read our exclusive column with 80’s teen star-turned-TV director Eric Stoltz, who directed tonight’s episode of Glee. Then come back here after it airs to discuss the show and gleek out with fellow fans.

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