By Lanford Beard
April 09, 2012 at 05:28 PM EDT

If you thought the first five minutes of Haywire offered a lot of talk and not much action, well, you’re a maniac, and boy do we have the movie for you. Feast your eyes on Lockout. The first five face-punching, chopper chasing minutes of Guy Pearce’s latest movie — which should have been called Prison Break Galactica — have been released online.

Molting his indie feathers after Memento, The King’s Speech, and Mildred Pierce, Pearce is blowing smoke rings around his pursuers and positioning himself as a legit action star. Maggie Grace (not seen in the clip) is the young woman Pearce’s Snow must rescue from a space prison (oh yes, a space prison) to clear his name. The clip gives us a glimpse of Pearce’s baddie counterpart, and who better to play him than Prison Break alum and scene-chewing über-thug Peter Stormare? Check it out below.

Lockout hits theaters Friday.

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