Larry David
Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

How much are you willing to pay to get Larry David to join Twitter?

So far, 65 people have pledged nearly $7,000 to charity to catapult the funnyman into the Twitterverse. Charity Bribes, a new company that bribes celebrities to take on tasks in the name of charity, is hoping the Curb Your Enthusiasm star will finally start hashtagging his heart out to benefit the Natural Resources Defense Council. The website reads: “He’s hilarious. He’s not on Twitter. He should be. If we raise enough we can convince him.”

The website was created by ad copywriters Chris Baker and William Spencer and launched three weeks ago, reports The Los Angeles Times. Though the concept is simple, there’s one minor hang-up: The celebrities have no prior knowledge that they’ve been nominated for a cause. Case in point, Baker and Spencer have no idea how to even contact David to inform him of the campaign. “What’s really fun, what gets people excited is the element of uncertainty,” said Baker. “We’re putting celebrities in an awkward situation without them knowing about it. If we went to them ahead of time and set everything up, it would lose a lot of the fun.”

Though David is the first celebrity targeted by the site, there are many more on his heels. At the top of the bribing leader board is Conan O’Brien, who the site wants to convince to interview a guest on his show while wearing an eye patch, holding a pipe, and wearing a turtleneck (to benefit Autism Speaks), followed by convincing Morgan Freeman to take an afternoon to narrate homemade animal videos (for The Red Cross).

PopWatchers, how much would you pay to get David on Twitter? In the same vein, what other celebrities who aren’t on Twitter would you pay to see join? Will you join the bribing festivities?

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