Lana Del Rey
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Like Jason Voorhees and Rick Santorum, Lana Del Rey never stops coming back. Every time you think she’s about to slip out of the conversation for good, she sneaks back in.

Last time, she gave herself a boost by performing “Video Games” on American Idol. This time, she got a shout out from John Mayer, the now-mute guitar hero who recorded an echo-filled, guitar-only cover of “Video Games.” It’s spare and lovely without being laborious. (If Mayer’s voice is gone for good, he can still have a career crafting instrumental versions of already popular songs).

Check out the recording below (which was originally posted to Mayer’s Tumblr).

Under normal circumstances, people wouldn’t care all that much about who Lana Del Rey is dating — quite simply, she just isn’t famous enough (you know, not like the fourth lead on a procedural drama or a Real Housewives star). But she keeps grabbing “Isthisreallyhappening?”-type headlines thanks to the smorgasboard of maybe-paramours with whom she’s been associated.

Following the Marilyn Manson speculations, there is a report that none other than Axl Rose has been pitching woo towards del Rey’s Dark Paradise. The two were spotted hanging out at Chateau Marmont recently, and she attended two Guns N’ Roses shows.

Current Gunner DJ Ashba doesn’t think they’re a couple, and if that’s the only evidence anybody has, then we’re inclined to believe him. After all, plenty of people go to Guns N’ Roses shows without going home with Axl, and what almost-famous person doesn’t have a monthly punch card for Chateau Marmont?

Besides, Del Rey—or any woman, for that matter—should know better than to accept the romantic advances of Rose. Hasn’t everybody seen “November Rain”?