By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated December 20, 2019 at 05:51 AM EST
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How I Met Your Mother, welcome back! It’s a relief to have you back — like releasing a big, loud…


Tonight’s episode was kind of trippy. But in typical HIMYM fashion, an episode’s weight in weird is usually equal to said episode’s sum of revelation. (Take that, Nietzsche!) In this case, Marshall, Barney and Ted examined their life progress using what I’ll call the Trilogy Bar.

Starting in college, Marshall and Ted would get together every three years to watch the Star Wars Trilogy. (Eventually, Barney was added to the mix.) And when they’d do so, they’d imagine what their lives would be like the next time they got together to watch. So through the ups and downs of their lives thus far, we got to see how their goals and visions of the future changed. The difference? When we found ourselves in present day and saw the boys imagine the future, Barney no longer saw himself entertaining a different girl every night. He only wanted to imagine his life with Quinn.

That was the first major “aww” moment. (As you know, there are usually a few in every solid episode.) The second, came at the end, when future Ted revealed that three years from now (2015), the boys would all meet again to watch Star Wars. The difference? He’d have a new girl in his life: a daughter.

HIMYM has always been about looking toward the future to get through tough times. Our gang goes through ups and downs every week, but we know they’re okay in the end thanks to Future Ted. Right now, Ted’s having a tough time accepting the fact that life isn’t working out how he planned, but this episode reminded us that he’s okay.

It was a nutty week for the gang, but it all came back to a deep moment in the end. Like KFC, I’m so glad HIMYM never messes with the Colonel’s recipe.

What were your thoughts on the episode, readers? Were you as amused as I was by the fart gag? (At my core, I’m 10 years old.) Did you love the episode kicker? And did you notice that Barney kept his left hand (the wedding ring hand!) hidden in the flash forward? (THESE PEOPLE MISS NOTHING!!)

Update: EW’s full episode recap: May the Farts Be With You


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