By Marc Snetiker
April 09, 2012 at 06:00 PM EDT
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The beloved ’90s Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold! — about a precocious middle schooler’s unsupervised adventures with his eccentric friends in the big city — is the latest show to get the nostalgic live-action trailer treatment. But this likely isn’t how you remembered the big-headed cartoon hero. Modestly named YouTube user DrCoolSex reimagined the adventures of Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Stinky, Harold, and Phoebe as a terrifying psychological thriller about murder and obsession among teenagers.

Being reminded of the show so many years later, it’s hard not to notice little things about the cartoon’s cast of memorable characters (truth bomb: Stoop Kid was the original 99 percent!). Watch the trailer below, and scroll down for more of the best fan-made trailers for other beloved animated entertainment:

In keeping with the theme of ’90s Nick shows being turned into disturbing psychothrillers, the bouncing babies of Rugrats received a Funny Or Die makeover in January, featuring Alia Shawkat as Chuckie and Mae Whitman as a certifiably insane Angelica.

If Arnold was a big city urbanite, Doug was the sheltered suburban white bread. In another DrCoolSex parody, Doug’s neighborhood coming-of-age drama features a dead Porkchop, a well-endowed Patti Mayonnaise, and a fully blue-face Skeeter. The biggest revelation? Judy was totally a hipster.

“This summer, Waldo finds YOU!” So reads the tagline from this live-action interpretation of the Waldo book series, which finds the aloof red-and-white-striped woodsman right in the middle of a massive government conspiracy.

Bringing Pac-Man to cinematic life has been done before, but this new iteration is surprisingly compelling and socially relevant. (Was the original arcade game actually an allegory about searching for WMD?)

It doesn’t quite fit in with the others, but it’s a ’90s throwback nonetheless. The inevitable Oscar-winning moment comes, of course, when the fan-favorite supporting character dies of dysentery. Sadly, the film version of The Amazon Trail went straight to DVD.

Honorable Mentions:


Angry Birds

PopWatchers, what other fan-made trailers have you made you giddy with false hope? Share them in the comments!

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